The blockchain consortium Crypto Valley Association has a new partner Lakestar, a venture capital company.  

The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) has sought to reach a strategic partnership with the European venture capital company Lakestar. CVA is a Switzerland-based blockchain consortium.

Lakestar has been involved in blockchain before. In 2017, the Company invested in the crypto wallet provider Blockchain and exchange startup Shaphift. And the profolio also included investments in Skype, Spotify, Facebook and Airbnb.

After announcing the news, Lakestar will be joining the list of strategic partnership of CVA that include cross-national consultancy company PwC and Ethereum startup Sensys.

Lakestar raised two funds with an approximate value of 500 million euros in 2013 and 2015. They intend to resort to this experience as an guidance to the tech investment of CVA.

Oliver Bussman, president of CVA said when talking about Lakestar, “Their experience in investing and helping tech entrepreneurs to effectively scale and internationalize will provide unique insight to support CVA and our members.”

CVA predicted that the partnership will be mutually beneficial. And it said that Lakestar will gain “greater access to and understanding of its startup community and ecosystem” via its participation.

“We look forward to working with the CVA and its members in supporting some of Crypto Valley’s most exciting projects,” said Lakestar partner Nicolas Brand.

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