A new tool is here to have you do just that! Introducing LingoZING!, the only gamifying edutaining app that uses Branded comic books & graphic novels to teach languages. Users can hear well-loved comic books being voiced by actors in normal speed or slowly, read the texts, see the translations, practice their pronunciation and more.

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“I learned Italian reading comic books when I was in Rome,” said Kyra Pahlen, Founder of LingoZING. “No effort was involved – It just happened without my even being aware I was doing so. The words just registered…!” Then I realized I was not the only one to have used comic books and graphic novels to learn languages…

It took over three years to develop the app and produce the titles – but now the magic is there.

LingoZING offers over 70 titles in most combinations of French, English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, with titles from top Authors and Publishers to cover all interests, levels, and all ages. You can download Garfield, Planet of the Apes, Maze Runner, Smurfs and more – even picture books for kids.


LingoZing! CEO and Stan Lee

The idea is to use LingoZING alongside traditional classroom-based language learning as the LingoZING system triggers an intuitive grasp and retention thanks to its methodology of presenting words, sentences, sound and text within the context of an engaging story that is read at one’s own pace. Think subtitled movies meets comic books – graphic novels with enabling functionalities – the ideal combination.

The app is now available on both smartphones and tablets, IOS and Android, and features FREE titles for all!

P.S. Check out our CEO showing LingoZing to Stan Lee and what he says on the LingoZing:

Visit: http://www.lingozing.com to download the application and to know more.

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