Author: Roland Stadler

Roland Stadler is a co-founder of Shift Crypto AG, manufacturer of the Swiss made BitBox02 hardware wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Roland's vision is to empower individuals and equip users with simple and secure products that enable financial sovereignty. His track record in consulting, combined with a Master's degree in Digital Currencies, allow him to apply innovative use-cases to the zero-tolerance world of hardware security.

Understanding the concept of owning Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can be a challenge in the beginning. These are purely digital assets and the ownership is defined by holding a secret — the private key — to access them. For most people a hardware wallet is the best option. Keeping a digital secret, while still having access to it, is surprisingly hard. For cryptocurrencies this is of special importance. If someone gains unauthorized access to your secret (a long number stored somewhere), all funds can be gone. In the beginning of Bitcoin, with people storing their private keys on their regular computer, Reddit was full…

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