Author: Rus Newton

Rus Newton is Co-Founder of CoinShares, previously Global Advisors (the world’s first Bitcoin Fund). He is also the Head of Research & Portfolio Manager of the private strategies, and is an active angel investor. Prior to co-founding Global Advisors in 1999, Rus spent 13 years trading commodities at Shell, Salomon Brothers & JP Morgan.

Crypto and Raw Materials – Lessons from 25 years on the raw materials market. Before my partner Daniel Masters and I discovered cryptocurrencies in 2013, we were active in commodity trading for almost three decades. One of the features of bitcoin that appealed to us back then was the limited supply, which is limited to 21 million Bitcoin. This characteristic shares similarities with the finite nature of gold or silver. Well-known patterns The longer I work with bitcoin now, the more I see similar patterns emerging. Firstly, one of the rules for success that we used in our Global Advisors…

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