Author: Jakob Pedersen

As a Business Development Manager at Crypto Finance (Brokerage) AG, Jakob serves institutional as well as UHNW clients. Further, he identifies and forges strategic partnerships with firms across the digital asset ecosystem, ensuring Crypto Finance (Brokerage) AG’s products and services remain industry leading. Jakob’s knowledge of the blockchain sector was bolstered by his time as an MBA Intern at the Crypto Finance group, where his research centred on digital asset prime brokerage, process optimization, and internationalization.

Titans of traditional finance, from Ray Dalio to Carl Icahn, have slowly warmed up to digital assets as traditional assets no longer fitting the bill Specifically Mr Dalio, who in the past has referred to bitcoin as a “bubble”. His team at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, even recently opined that bitcoin offers numerous attractive attributes. This begs the question: why the change of tune? The answer to this question is, naturally, multifarious. A portfolio of traditional assets simply does not provide the performance and diversification it used to. Generally speaking, the ultimate goal of a well-diversified portfolio…

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