Author: Fred Steinmetz

Fred Steinmetz is co-founder of the Blockchain Research Lab (BRL) and is currently conducting research on the topics of cryptocurrency adoption and proliferation, the intersection of cryptocurrencies and gambling, and applications of blockchain technology in supply chains. The non-profit research institute Blockchain Research Lab promotes independent science and research in the field of blockchain technology, as well as the publication of its results through publications, conference papers or media contributions. Using scientific methods, the Blockchain Research Lab develops substantial foundations to demonstrate both the opportunities and limitations of blockchain technology for society.

In the past, numerous surveys have examined the distribution of cryptocurrencies. It has been noted that the figures often diverge widely, that different survey designs make direct comparisons difficult, and that reports rarely go beyond descriptive statistics. Based on a representative population survey of 3,864 German internet users, we explored the relevance of cryptocurrencies. The aim of our survey was to obtain a detailed picture of what cryptocurrencies are used for and what factors determine users’ ownership, knowledge, and trust assessments. Adoption parameters for cryptocurrency The adoption of cryptocurrencies does not represent a uniformly defined term. It rather attempts to…

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