Author: Sebastian Rieche

Sebastian Rieche has been a blogger and crypto-enthusiast for a long time. Since 2012 he has been following the daily events on the crypto market and he publishes articles on interesting topics from time to time. Currently his attention is focused on DeFi and his own unnamed crypto project, which is still in the early stages.

If you are interested in the topic of crypto currencies, you will always come across a central question: How can you effectively protect your investments from scammers, hackers and losses? When it comes to your ordinary account, the banks and the government are the primary guarantors that online banking has become secure, and fraudsters cannot simply hack your account and walk away with all your funds. However, as with cash, we are responsible for the security of crypto-currencies ourselves. It is therefore a central issue, so it is definitely worthwhile to think a little more carefully about your personal security…

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