Crypto lending is offered by lending platforms and allows getting returns or liquidity on digital assets.

zkSync is a scalable and high-performance layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum which enables faster and cheaper transactions.

Proof of Reserves verifies integrity of crypto exchanges by demonstrating their ability to own and manage all customer assets.

Merkel Trees are used in many different applications to ensure the integrity and immutability of data.

With the foundation of the first crypto company in Zug in 2013, the foundation stone was laid for a development that probably nobody would have expected. Only five years later, Switzerland is celebrated worldwide as a crypto nation.

The Swiss Digitalday was created in 2016 by the cross-industry initiative digitalswitzerland to strengthen and position Switzerland as a global leader in digital innovation.

Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) is a collection of 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens – digital collectibles that reside on the Ethereum blockchain.

MakerDAO, the protocol behind the leading over-collateralized stablecoin DAI, is considered one of the most successful decentralized credit protocols.

The first comprehensive EU regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies (MiCA) creates legal certainty for crypto companies for the first time.

The problem with maximizing the scalability, security, and decentralization of a blockchain is known as the Blockchain Trilemma.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency founded for fun, often referred to as a “memecoin,” with the internet-famous Shiba Inu dog as its mascot.

Litecoin initiated a 150 coin pre-mine, coins rewarded for mining the genesis block and 2 subsequent blocks, which were initially reserved for project development bounties. Its genesis block was on 10/7/2011.

Stellar is an open-source payments network that serves as a distributed intermediary blockchain for global financial systems and circulates a native asset, Stellar Lumens (XLM). The Stellar blockchain allows anyone to issue new assets in the network and exchange for other assets via built-in asset exchange features.

USD Coin (USDC) is fiat-collateralized stablecoin that offers the advantages of transacting with blockchain-based assets while mitigating price risk. Each USDC is issued as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and is 100% collateralized by a corresponding USD held in accounts subject to regular public reporting of reserves.

The Cosmos project has set itself a goal that is currently a long time coming in the blockchain sector: Achieving interoperability. In other words, the possibility of allowing different blockchain projects to work via the same protocol without influencing each other.