Author: Lennart Ante

Lennart Ante is CEO and Co-Founder of the Blockchain Research Lab. As a researcher, he evaluates the use of blockchain technology in various sectors and studies the implications and characteristics of cryptocurrencies and their respective markets. The non-profit research institute Blockchain Research Lab promotes independent science and research in the field of blockchain technology, as well as the publication of its results through publications, conference papers or media contributions.

The Bitcoin network is transparent. Every network participant can observe in real time how many Bitcoins exist in the network, to which addresses they are sent and at what times the transactions are processed. An analysis of the price impact of large transactions. If a market participant sends Bitcoins worth many millions of Euros, this will not remain unseen. On the contrary, transaction data and history are publicly visible to all market participants. In this context, the final settlement of transactions is of particular importance, since the confirmation of Bitcoin transactions takes place “only” every ten minutes on average. Before…

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