Author: Yves Longchamp

Yves Longchamp is Head of Research at AMINA Bank (formerly SEBA Bank). His professional experience has taken him from the Swiss National Bank to the world of crypto-currencies via major banks and asset management. Market finance and macroeconomics are the research topics that mark out his career. Before joining AMINA, Yves worked at Ethenea Independent Investor, Pictet & Cie, UBS and the Swiss National Bank.

Even though blockchains are generally considered to be superior to traditional networks, no single blockchain is perfect. Due to the inability to maximise the components scalability, security and decentralisation – the so-called Blockchain Trilemma – there are distinct use cases for different chains. Before diving into the dynamics of the trilemma, we broadly define what scalability, security, and decentralisation mean: Scalability is the ability of the blockchain to accommodate a higher volume of transactions Security is the ability to protect the data held on the blockchain from different attacks or blockchain’s defence against double-spending Decentralisation is the redundancy in the network that makes…

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